My whole childhood was spent in an extraordinary environment: an animal park created by my grandfather and managed by my parents.

Growing up there, I became aware very early on about the importance of respecting, protecting and defending endangered species, nature and biodiversity.

After I became a professional rugby player, I transposed the values ​​of respect, high standards and commitment—alongside a taste for combat in this collective sport—with my passion for the environment by creating La Passerelle Conservation, an endowment fund to protect endangered species and old-growth forests.

Through "FAIR PLAY FOR PLANET" I want to get totally involved and use all levers of the sports world to influence the behaviour of individuals and companies to put them at the service of an essential cause: saving our planet.

Julien Pierre, CEO

Julien Pierre, CEO

We created FAIR PLAY FOR PLANET because sport is a powerful vector for change.

FAIR PLAY FOR PLANET is part of a global dynamic that supports sports clubs and events by in developing and strengthening your eco-performance.

FAIR PLAY FOR PLANET promotes a model of economic and social development that is based on concern for the environment.

FAIR PLAY FOR PLANET is a communication and gathering platform for committed, responsible and forward-thinking sport.

Our various services encourage individuals, sports clubs to set up concrete, quantifiable and profitable actions in the service of the environment.

Finally, joining FAIR PLAY FOR PLANET is a commitment with a group of professionals and to be recognized as a responsible company committed to the fight against global warming.

Vision Set the benchmark in the fight against climate change through sport.

Mission Create a positive impact on the environment through sport.

Way Offer solutions to encourage eco-responsible behaviour in sport.